Surf therapy' helps struggling students in WA

This excellent article on the ABC describes a unique "surf therapy" program in Bunbury WA. Schools participating in a "surf therapy" program in Bunbury say taking to the waves is producing significant improvements in students' anxiety levels and engagement in classes.

Four schools in Western Australia's South West are taking part in the program, which is aimed at students with cognitive or physical disabilities and those with learning difficulties.

Children and teens with Down syndrome and foetal alcohol syndrome disorder, as well as students who struggle to engage in schooling, have been taking part in weekly surfing lessons.

Dardanup Primary School principal Melanie Clarke said she had seen a marked change in the budding surfers' mental wellbeing.

"We've noticed a greater focus in the classroom, we've noticed resilience in situations which previously would have affected students," she said.

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Doug Kitchingman