So what sort of things do you teach?

Safety Talk:

1 - How to fall off a board safely while standing.
2 - Hands above head while coming back to the surface.
3 - Never have board in front of you when the wave is about to hit.

4 - Learn to read wind, tide, rips, currents and general swell conditions.
5 - What to do and what not to do when caught in a rip.
6 - Our courses also teach you about physical fitness & how stretches & exercises can improve your surfing experience.
7- The safe distance between yourself and the next student or surfer behind you should be greater than the length of the surfboard.
8 - To discover how much fun surfing is and a good way to stay fit & healthy.


Whats included? Do I need to bring anything?

We supply soft surf boards, wetsuits (both long "steamers", and short arm & legs "spring suits") and we even supply sunscreen, All equipment is provided at no extra cost in all the lessons.


What aspects do the courses cover?

Stage 1

Show how to lie on a board & get the board under control. This is shown to the students by Doug & his staff on the beach.

Stage 2

Doug and his staff then go out with the students in waist deep water and assist them to catch waves. Doug and his staff then advises them how to catch the most amount of waves with the least amount of energy.

Stage 3

We touch on physical fitness with some useful stretches and also introduce the rules of surfing to the students.

Stage 4

At the start of each lesson, we will teach the students how to read what the conditions are like for that day ( wind, swell size and where any rip's and currents are).

Stage 5

Finally Doug and his staff advise his students on what 2nd hand equipment to get, how much to pay for it and where to get it from.

Any other questions?

If you've got any other questions, just shoot us a line via email or call Doug direct on 0419341196